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RIL offers one-on-one assistance in locating affordable and accessible housing.

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Getting to RIL

RIL is part of the Independent Living Center Network in California, serving the community since 1976.

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DOGFITE Wants You!D.O.G.F.I.T.E. logo

A consumer-run advocacy group supported by RIL

DOGFITE works to:

  • Improve quality healthcare, establish universal health insurance, and expand In-Home Support Services.
  • Improve affordable and accessible housing, affordable and accessible transportation, and quality social services.
  • Promote individual rights, liberty, and equality to protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with private and public institutions to support immigration rights and promote social justice so no community will be left behind.

Are you ready for a DOGFITE in your community?

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