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RIL offers one on one assistance in locating affordable and accessible housing.. However, we do not own, manage, or rent any housing, nor do we offer or manage any emergency housing. We assist consumers locate housing and access programs one may qualify for. Our housing lists are updated quarterly and we have individual contact with landlords to ensure that we give you accurate information.

Our housing lists can be specialized to your specific need-for example, you could get a 2-bedroom section 8 list for landlords that work with evictions or you could get a list of wheelchair accessible apartments. Sacramento’s rental situation has changed dramatically in recent years, and competition and prices of apartments have increased. RIL staff during intake will determine if you are eligible for any housing subsidies and then offer you the opportunity to sign for those programs. Currently, the Conventional, Project Based program is open and Housing Choice Voucher (formerly known as Section 8) waitlist is closed in Sacramento County. The Project Based Housing List for Yolo County is open. Housing Choice Voucher In Yolo County may be open in March 2011.

Some of you, depending on your disability may qualify for other agencies programs that are housing programs or that offer programs with a housing component. RIL will assist you with a referral to such programs when appropriate. Many of these programs have special requirements such as requiring a return to work plan or a sobriety plan and your ILS will determine eligibility and the referral process.

RIL has two programs that deal with housing. First, RIL employs two full time Independent Living Specialists in the Shelter Plus Care program. This federal HUD program reaches out to three underserved disabilities-HIV and AIDS, mental health disabilities, and drug and/or substance abuse. This program offers subsidized rent along with ongoing intensive case management services. The process to become a Shelter Plus Care consumer is involved, and currently, RIL has no foreseeable openings. RIL also has a housing component to our Transitional Living Center (TLC).Persons in the TLC attend twice weekly classes on a 9 part Independent Living curriculum while residing at a SHRA conventional building. Graduates transition to a project based apartment. Ask your ILS for a referral to the TLC staff.

For those of you that are homeless, one of the services that RIL can offer you is access to our phones. During your appointment time your ILS will assist you in making calls to find housing. In addition, many times our ILS’ receive messages from landlords for consumers without access to phones. In addition, during your scheduled appointment time you make your own housing calls. Finding an apartment is a harder process then it once was, but those who put in the time are successful.

Transition Services
Services that facilitate transition from nursing homes and other institutions to the community, provide assistance to those at risk of entering institutions, and facilitate transition of youth to postsecondary life, including: school-to-work, employment, and community independence.

Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance

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