Personal Assistant Services

Many persons with disabilities require personal assistants (PA’s) in order to live independently. PA’s assist consumers with a wide variety of duties including personal care, shopping, housework, and cooking. PA’s enable disabled consumers to live in the community and stay out of institutions. Some consumers, based on their income qualify for In Home Supportive Services (IHSS). This program pays the cost of a personal assistant for those with disabilities that meet certain income requirements. If you receive SSI or Medical, you should qualify and can ask your ILS for that service if you need a personal assistant to do things so that you may remain independent. If you are not on SSI or Medical, you may still qualify, with a share of cost payment, depending on your income. Currently, RIL is assisting many consumers in appealing their IHSS hour’s reduction. RIL also has referral for those who wish to private pay for PA services.

Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance

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