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Resources For Independent Living seeks to promote the socio-economic independence of persons with disabilities by providing peer-supported, consumer-directed independent living services and advocacy. Learn more about our services from below:

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RIL Core Services

RIL offers an array of core services. For specific services questions please call the front desk information and referral specialist. Otherwise, core services and examples are listed below.

Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)

ADRCs are partnerships between a local independent living center, Area Agency on Aging, and other partners who work with people with disabilities and seniors.

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Assistive Technology

Our Assistive Technology Coordinator meets one on one with consumers to identify assistive technology needs and resources.

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Employment Services

RIL will work with Consumers to assist them in finding a job that can increase their personal and financial independence.

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Housing Assistance

RIL offers one-on-one assistance with consumers locating housing and accessing programs one may qualify for.

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Independent Living Skills Training

RIL provides a nine part curriculum of Independent Living Skills Training classes.

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Individual & Systems Advocacy

Through this two-track approach, we empower our consumers and the disability community to overcome barriers to access and services.

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Information & Referral

If you would like basic information about our programs and services, or have questions about local resources and just don't know where to start, we can assist you with making an appropriate connection.

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Peer Counseling

These meetings are a platform for people to socialize, play games, and also talk about what they have been experiencing during quarantine etc.

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Personal Care Assistance

Similar to the IHSS registry but managed by people with disabilities, RIL has a caregiver/PCA registry through QuickMatch to help match consumers to providers.

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Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

RIL began a new initiative to support people with disabilities and older adults during the activation of a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event or other emergency.

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Transition – Institutional Diversion

The goal of this program is to eliminate unnecessary institutionalization of people with disabilities in places like hospitals and nursing homes.

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Transition Youth Services

Peer Independence Counseling Sacramento (PICS) is a transition age youth mentoring program based on service learning and independent living skills training.

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