RIL Services & Advocacy Peer Counseling

We offer General Support Meetings Thursdays at 2pm. These meetings are a platform for people to socialize, play games, and also talk about what they have been experiencing during quarantine etc. Schedule is subject to change, any questions please email

Are you a person with a disability looking to connect with others who have disabilities? Are you newly disabled and unsure how to put all the pieces of your new life together? RIL is here to help. At RIL we believe that the most qualified "experts" about living life with a disability are people with disabilities ourselves. Each of our Independent Living Specialists are trained in the peer counseling model. This means that when you meet with a member of our staff you will be presented with options and choices, not advice about what you should or should not do with your life.

Check out the calendar for upcoming peer counseling workshops!

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Young man chair-user that is smiling and laughing with a woman on a couch.