RIL Services & Advocacy Transition Institutional Diversion

The goal of our Transition – Institutional Diversion program is to eliminate unnecessary institutionalization of people with disabilities, and to reduce the risk of people with disabilities ending up on the streets, incarcerated, or in other restrictive settings like nursing homes. Our Transitions Coordinator builds relationships with landlords, discharge planners, shelters, and law enforcement agencies to create collaborative partnerships and solutions around the issue of community integration of people with disabilities.

Our Transitions Coordinator also meets with individuals desiring to move into a less restrictive setting and assists them in the creation of a transition plan which includes goals, needs, and a timeline to accomplish each goal.

For more information regarding our Transitions-Institutional Diversion program, please contact ADRC Coordinator Linda Ngichu at or call (916) 446-3074 during regular business hours.

Photo of an adult daughter powerchair-user with her mother, both smiling at the camera.