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Resources For Independent Living seeks to promote the socio-economic independence of persons with disabilities by providing peer-supported, consumer-directed independent living services and advocacy. Learn more about our services from below:

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RIL Disaster Prepardness Are You Prepared For the Next Public Safety Power Shutoff?

Remain safe while independent in your residence and community during a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event or other emergencies, with RIL's support. We are coordinating various programs for those who depend on power for durable medical equipment or for their livelihood.

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No matter how large or small, your donation will ensure that seniors and people with disabilities are able to remain independent and thrive at home and in their communities with dignity.

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Accessible Housing Matters Podcast How Independent Living Centers Help People
Find Accessible and Affordable Housing

Our former Executive Director April Wick was recently a guest speaker on the podcast Accessible Housing Matters. On this episode she talks about the need for universal design, affordable/accessible housing, and community participation of people with disabilities in conversations about building communities.

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